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PRCexams.com is info-sharing website located in the Philippines. We are committed to provide organized and search friendly lists/results of licensure or board examinations sunctioned by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and other government-related agencies. We are constantly doing our very best to give the readers the latest, updated and carefully reviewed lists of information such as top achievers, lists of passers, top schools in every exam.

All source materials undergo trough a careful screening so that we can post the most reliable information for you. All licensure examination results posted at this website are for information dissemination purposes only. We still advised you to check and refer to official website of the host government agencies.

We aim to disseminate not only (PRC) Professional Regulation Commission related exams and news but also results and information from other Philippine government agencies such as Civil Service Exam-Pencil and Paper Test (CSE-PPT), Bar exams, NAPOLCOM Entrance and Promotional exams for new and uniformed members of Philippine National Police (PNP), among others. Each lists is provided with comment and rating box as well as feedback options for the user to inteact freely.

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